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How Smash Brothers Changes Gaming

There is no doubt that Smash Brothers is one of the most beloved series of games of all time. Each time a new Nintendo console is announced, the next question is “when is the new Smash Bros game coming out?” Then the next thing fans do is barrage Nintendo on social media asking for new characters to play as. Smash Brothers brings together everything that is great about Nintendo and their games. While most fighting games at the time were following the basic side scrolling two fighters with health bars, Smash Brothers changed it up. Rather than count your health downwards, Smash Brothers counts it upwards. Instead of killing you when you hit zero, the higher your health, the further you fly, and you die when you fly of the screen.

Nintendo finely craft every title in the Smash Brothers series, painstakingly buffing out every flaw in the game before they release it. They bring together characters of every imaginable title in an effort to make the game a truly enjoyable one. From their flagship characters like Mario, Donkey Kong, and Link to more obscure choices like R.O.B., Roy, and Mr. Game and Watch, to even long-gone rivals of their games like Sonic. Nintendo brings together old and new to make a video game fan’s dream come true. Nintendo is even allowing fans to vote for who they want in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS.

The flood of responses they have received have varied across the board. Some are asking for silly choices, such as Goku, Batman, or even Master Chief.  However the more level headed responses range from Shovel Knight, King K. Rool, and Ridley. I Personally voted for Paper Mario and Skull Kid to make it in. Even Phil Spencer of Microsoft voiced desire for seeing Banjo and Kazooie make it in.

This series shakes things up in more ways than just offering a unique play-style. It can spark interest in games, old and new. No doubt Phil Spencer wants Banjo and Kazooie in Smash Brothers to garner publicity for the franchises to which his employers own the rights. When it was announced that Roy from Fire Emblem was only in the Japan version, there was an outcry for people wanting him in the US version. Lucas’ and Ness’ inclusion in the series has sparked interest the Mother/Earthbound series and has left fans long awaiting a release of Mother 3.

Every time Nintendo releases a new installment in the Super Smash Brothers series, it sparks change, big and small, in the gaming world. From the desire for a new game featuring a character in Smash Brothers to a drive in sales in an upcoming game, Nintendo has the power to change the landscape of gaming every time a new Smash Brothers game is released.

Fan Art for Super Smash Brothers for Wii U/3DS

Nintendo Directs and Their Effects on Gaming

If you haven’t heard of a Nintendo Direct, you must not be a very big Nintendo fan. These are Nintendo’s way of announcing and showcasing their upcoming games to the world in a way that they control. While most other companies showcase their games on a schedule expected by the public, Nintendo has gone with their own approach. While they still appear at E3, the yearly convention chalk full of new games being showcased, they often show little compared to the other big names in gaming.  For example, just a week ago, Nintendo upset a lot of fans by announcing very little in the way of new titles. This is because Nintendo chooses to save the good stuff for their own presentations.

Periodically, Nintendo announces that they are going to hold a direct, and sometimes give us a little taste of what might be shown there. Most of the time, when they are planning on announcing a new title or titles they take the time to announce them in a Nintendo Direct. These directs serve as a way for Nintendo to regulate the expectations of the fans. If Nintendo didn’t hold Directs, the public would be waiting all year for E3, and then expect Nintendo to announce new titles for a few of their franchises. However, the Directs mean that Nintendo directly holds power over when the fans expect a new game to be announced.

We have been taught not to expect something just because it is E3, but rather, to wait until we hear that a Nintendo Direct has been announced to get hyped for a possible game announcement. other companies still do it their ways, and that is why E3 still exists, but for Nintendo, who holds so many beloved franchises, Directs serve as a great way for them to satisfy the public, and calm them down when an E3 goes by without the announcement that their favorite video game is get another installment.

Iwata Introducing a Nintendo Direct